I Octane – Buss a Blank (FDC Remix)




Der Tune Buss a Blank von I Octane hat in letzter Zeit ein echte „Revival“ hingelegt und gibt uns auf den Dances immer wieder straighte Forwards. Grund genug für die Fire Dance Crew sich diesem Hit aus dem Jahre  … nochmals anzunehmen und ihm einen neuen Anstrich zu verpassen.


Byiome Muir grew up in Sandy Bay, a small community east of May Pen in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica. Muir attended Palmers Cross All-Age School and then Garvey Maceo High School, and would often sing and make noises during class. Muir briefly attended Knox Community College with a focus on architecture, but dropped out to pursue his recording career full-time. Muir began his recording career at the age of 16, when he was introduced to Donovan Germain of Penthouse Records, then manager of such artists as Buju Banton and Assassin. Muir released his first singles, „Oh Jah“ and „Stepp a Seed“, in 2000 at Penthouse Records under the moniker Richie Rich. After meeting Junior Arrows of the Arrows Recording Company, Muir signed onto the Kingston label under the new name I-Octane, a play on high-octane fuel and the Rastafarian use of I.


I-Octane’s initial acclaim came in 2007 for his social commentary works such as the roots reggae track „Stab Vampire“ which climbed to the top of several Jamaican charts. In 2009, I-Octane topped the charts again with his emotional songs „Mama You Alone“ and „Lose A Friend“, and the latter of which was later adapted as a tribute to those who died during the police manhunt for Christopher „Dudus“ Coke in Tivoli Gardens.



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